Patient Safety INSIGHTS

Shining a light on risks and trends others cannot see

The Doctors Company Patient Safety INSIGHT services provide you with innovative tools to identify potential sources of patient injury and enhance safety. We offer a data-driven, collaborative approach designed to reduce adverse events and enhance patient satisfaction.

  • The Practice Risk INSIGHT assesses your practice’s policies, procedures, and processes for potential risks.
  • A custom action plan is provided with prioritized recommendations.
  • We collaborate with you throughout action plan implementation to provide the support you need to protect you and your patients from harm.
  • With the Claims Analysis INSIGHT, our experts conduct an in-depth evaluation of your claims to identify loss trends by physician and specialty.
  • Our experts help you implement risk management strategies and establish best practice protocols.
  • Results are benchmarked against national databases, a unique action plan is created, and root causes of claims are addressed.
  • The Patient Experience INSIGHT provides actionable data about your patients’ perceptions of critical aspects of the care you provide.
  • You will understand where your practice stands, relative to others across the nation.
  • Expert risk managers help you prioritize and address opportunities for improvement.
  • The Practice Safety Culture INSIGHT is an online diagnostic checkup of aspects of your practice that contribute to a culture of patient safety.
  • Results are compared with other practices across the country.
  • We recommend specific initiatives and interventions that build on your practice’s strengths to foster a culture of patient safety.
  • The Hospital Safety Culture INSIGHT assesses your management practices, policies, procedures, and communication style to ensure they support patient safety.
  • Results are compared with hospitals across the nation to help you build on the participating work unit's strengths.
  • We alert you to emerging risks and provide effective steps to minimize them.

A patient safety risk manager is always available to provide industry-leading expertise. That’s malpractice insurance without the mal.

For more information, call 800.421.2368, extension 1243, or contact patientsafety@thedoctors.com

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