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As an acknowledged leader in the patient safety movement, we identify developing issues before they become threats and give you the tools you need to reduce risk. Our e-risk resource center can help you avoid the potential liability risks associated with new e-technologies.

SAFER Guides for Electronic Health Record Implementation and Use 
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has released the Safety Assurance Factors for EHR Resilience (SAFER) Guides. The free guides—which can be downloaded as PDF files or used online—provide a well-organized work plan for tackling the organizational complexities of EHR implementation and use.

New Tools to Protect Patient Data on Mobile Devices 
HHS has launched an education initiative that includes online resources and practical tips for protecting the privacy and security of health information on mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Medical eRisk Considerations
This 2010 update from the iHealth Alliance addresses the unique concerns and risks inherent in the use of electronic health records and online services.

Telemedicine: Creates Efficiencies, Requires Caution
Telemedicine allows physicians to reach patients in rural areas and helps busy practices manage increasing patient volume, but the use of Skype and other Webcam technologies for patient care requires specific considerations.

E-prescribing Malpractice Risks
Doctors should be aware of the malpractice risks related to e-prescribing.

Electronic Health Record Malpractice Risks
This article addresses liability exposures associated with new technologies used by physicians.

Guide to Reducing Unintended Consequences of Electronic Health Records 
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has published an online resource to help physicians and organizations anticipate, avoid, and address problems that can occur when implementing and using an EHR.

Be Aware of the Dangers of Blogging and Social Networking
An alert to make physicians aware of the risks of violating patient confidentiality and privacy by blogging and using social networking sites.

RxEvent Logo—An Online Service for Reporting Adverse Drug Events
Learn about RxEvent, the adverse event reporting service to collect and distribute adverse drug events. Link directly to

Electronic Health Record Risks
Medical Director David Troxel, MD, discusses the benefits and risks of EHRs.

Interactive Guide for Electronic Medical Records

Security and Confidentiality with EHR
Data breaches from EHRs can lead to civil or criminal penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions: Medical Records Issues

Informed Consent Forms for Online Communication and Telemedicine

Risk Tip: Personal Health Records
These tips help practitioners become familiar with some of the liability concerns introduced by personal health records.

The Internet: Friend or Foe to Physicians
This article advises physicians about issues surrounding Internet review sites used by consumers.

A Tragic Lesson in Drug Safety 
Be alert to the dangers of not being fully knowledgeable about a prescribed medication.



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