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Coverage Options
We deliver innovative coverage solutions.

As an organization founded, owned, and led by physicians, we are closely aligned with the medical profession. We identify emerging risks and deliver innovative coverage solutions. When it comes to protecting your name, your livelihood, and your reputation, we are your most powerful ally.

Medical Malpractice Coverage for Physicians and Surgeons

We are the nation’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice insurer. We deliver superior coverage and are the only carrier able to relentlessly defend, protect, and reward the practice of good medicine with national resources and local clout.

Our medical malpractice program, which protects 75,000 physicians and surgeons nationwide, offers our members unique features—including MediGuard®, CyberGuard®, and the Tribute® Plan, our breakthrough financial benefit—that strengthen the practice of medicine while making it more rewarding.

Free tail coverage—For members who have been insured by The Doctors Company for five continuous years, we offer free tail coverage upon retirement from the practice of medicine or in the event of disability or death.

MediGuard—We automatically provide MediGuard coverage as part of our medical malpractice policy. This important coverage provides you with legal representation for administrative actions brought by Medicare/Medicaid, medical licensing boards, credentialing reviews and actions, professional review organizations, federal agencies regarding EMTALA, and the DEA.

CyberGuard—Privacy and data security exposure is the fastest growing threat to your medical practice. As a member, you receive cyber liability protection as part of your core coverage. CyberGuard protects you against claims arising from the theft, loss, or accidental transmission of electronic patient information, as well as regulatory fines and penalties, and the cost of data recovery.

Specialty-Specific Programs

For members who demonstrate a strong commitment to their specialty, we go above and beyond by offering premium credits and discounts.

Select Premium Credit Programs

Endorsed or Sponsored Programs

Coverage for Large Groups

We are the nation’s leader in offering medical malpractice coverage—and peace of mind—to even the largest multispecialty, multistate groups of doctors. Our finely calibrated risk profiles and flexible insurance solutions can help your group ensure that its unique risks are covered responsibly. Our dedicated patient safety specialists will partner with your group to create a personalized service plan.

Flexible Options for Non-Standard Risks

We believe all healthcare professionals should have the option of securing malpractice coverage from a financially stable, U.S.-domiciled insurance carrier. Our subsidiary, PULIC Program, offers high-quality coverage to those who have difficulty obtaining coverage in the standard markets.

Hospital Liability Insurance

Since 1978, we’ve protected hospitals with the industry’s most aggressive claims defense and progressive risk management and patient safety programs. Our patient safety experts work with member hospitals to identify potential sources of patient injury and implement quality processes customized to their needs.

Medical Practice Solutions for Today’s Business Risks

You’re the expert when it comes to protecting your patients. Count on us to be the experts at protecting your practice. We offer a full range of products for medical practices beyond medical malpractice, including Directors and Officers coverage, Errors and Omissions Liability, and Health Care Employment Practices Liability Insurance. 

For California practices, the experts at The Doctors Company Insurance Services offer decades of experience in full-service risk management.

Member Testimonial: “Very certain I will stay with The Doctors Company until I retire. You have the finest service out there.”

Cybersecurity Resources

Protect your practice from the growing risk of cybercrime.

Talk to an Agent

Our agents are ready to answer your questions and respond to your needs. Please contact one of the Key Agents in your area.

Choosing a Carrier

Not sure where to start? See our comprehensive guide to selecting a medical liability insurance carrier.

Good medicine. Covered.


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