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OB Select Premium Credit Program

The Doctors Company is transforming medical malpractice coverage for obstetricians.

Eligible obstetricians can get significant savings on their medical malpractice insurance through The Doctors Company’s OB Select® Premium Credit Program.

This program is available to professionals working in hospitals, facilities, or single-specialty practices with 5 to 25 physicians. Participants demonstrate a superior claims history, maintain board certification, and complete a CME-approved curriculum and a customized quality improvement program.

Program benefits

  • Program credits of 10 percent
  • Claims-free credits of up to 25 percent
  • Premium discounts of 20 percent for your certified nurse midwives, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners
  • A generous multiyear dividend program for eligible members

To find out if you qualify for the OB Select Premium Credit Program, call (800) 717-5333.

Reduce risk and improve patient safety

Members of our OB Select program stay on the leading edge of changes in their specialty through extensive courses and activities created by leading clinicians for the practice of obstetrics:

  • Exclusive benchmarking data that pinpoints trends in the severity and frequency of obstetrics claims and leads to development of risk reduction strategies
  • A physician-led quality improvement program customized for your practice and relevant to the high-risk clinical and practice issues you face on a daily basis
  • Industry-leading simulation of high-risk obstetrical situations
  • An OB Advisory Board that brings together top practitioners from around the country to focus on improving the practice of medicine
  • 24/7 patient safety/risk management consultation
  • OB Patient Safety Credit Program
  • OB-specific risk articles

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